We develop Enterprise, Distributed, Web and Mobile Applications using the cutting-edge technologies, methodologies and processes. We are specializes in developing scalable software applications, business softwares and automation softwares. We primarily develop applications which automates everyday workflow of a company or organization and makes life easier. More than a decade experienced resources and their global exposure make us capable to work on critical tasks using latest technologies with high quality and perfection. Below are our development areas of concentration. 

Enterprise application : We design and deploy applications that a business would use to assist the organizaton in solving enterprise problems. These applications are typically designed to interface and integrate with different enterprise applications used with in the organization and to be deployed across a variety of networks while meeting strict requirements for security and administration management. We target our applications to be cloud based distributed one to take maximum advantages of internet and as on-demand service model.

Mobile application : Our team creates applications for use on Android, iOS and windows platforms. Best practices for security will be ensured for premium applications to protect the sensitive information stored on and transmitted by smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Since strategy of business using mobile applications are drastically changing, our process model is capable of incorporating such changes effectively during various development stages.

Web based application : We develop and maintain web application for various customer needs. We ensure very high percentage of up time, bug free and scalability with our applications. Open source approach by using tools and applications are also considered to save time and cost of our customers. To address requirement from various customers, we provide our expertise in different models such as SAAS, Web Engineering, Web Sciences, Web widget etc.

Real-time applications : The demand for stream processing is increasing a lot these days. The reason is that often processing big volumes of data is not enough. Data has to be processed fast, so that a firm can react to changing business conditions in real time. @ DigitalFrase, we develop real-time solutions using Apache Kafka, Storm Trident etc on Unix Platform.